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Invest in your future with a career in hospitality management

At Columbus Hospitality Management, we never stop reinventing ourselves. That’s where the Future Leaders come in. Designed to mentor the up-and-coming members of our organization by involving them in real business situations, this leadership development program attracts the best and the brightest in the hospitality industry.

Whether working shoulder-to-shoulder with our president, or making investments on behalf of the company, Future Leaders isn’t a practice run; it’s the real deal. Participants receive unrestricted access all the way from the front lines of our business to behind the closed doors of the boardroom.

This opportunity breaks the mold of traditional training programs. Future Leaders graduate engaged, connected, involved and inspired. Many go on to build a career with Columbus Hospitality Management, already equipped with a sharp eye and fresh perspective for business. We develop future leaders because we value nurturing our most important asset – people.

Ready to become a Future Leader?

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Melissa Baker

One of our best and brightest, Melissa is Operations Manager/Project Coordinator at Columbus Hospitality Management’s home office and a graduate of the Future Leaders Program. Melissa helps us remember to work hard and play hard with Future Leader experience from catering to management.